Matt Chapman


Matt brings a wealth of operational and strategic experience to Cybaware, having worked in various roles within law enforcement and fraud risk management for over two decades. A former Intelligence and Investigations law enforcement officer with a systems design background, Matt developed a keen interest in designing law enforcement software solutions to combat organised crime.


Matt has spent 12 years within the Finance industry improving organisational fraud risk capability, providing fraud risk advice, and managing fraud investigations. He is a licensed investigator with experience in undertaking workpalce investigations.

As a father of three children, Matt shares the concerns faced by parents today within the Digital world and joined Cybaware to provide assistance to the community in scams and fraud awareness, and to assist businesses in managing their fraud risk. 

Michael Fairclough


Michael has worked in Finance and Insurance for over 10 years with a focus on cyber safety and security. His experience has covered areas such cyber threat management and scams awareness for one of the big 4 banks. 

Michael soon realised a passion for education and awareness which led him to establish Cybaware in 2017. His focus was to ensure that all ages and backgrounds are aware of the dangers online and the tools that are available to help navigate the internet.

Michael is a dedicated father two young children which help to drive his passion for a safer digital world in the future. 

Cockburn Central, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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